Sarah Vaughan-Jones

Filmmaker & Editor

When Saturn Returns

‘When Saturn Returns’ is a 45-minute duet that is explosive, surreal and bonkers. The show follows performers and real-life close friends, Alicia and Alys, as they battle with expectation, fear and success. The show follows a game that takes us on a dramatic journey of whimsical imagination, vulnerability and disappointment spurred on by demonic creatures that have been birthed by ideas of success. The chaos is interrupted by small moments of comfort and hope found in friendship and platonic intimacy.

Performers: Alys North & Alicia Meehan
Choreographed by: Alicia Meehan
Commissioned by: The Place & Dance City
Sound Design: Grace Stubbings & Leon Vaughan
Dramaturgy: Heather Carroll
Producers: Moving Art Management
Videographer: Sarah Vaughan-Jones