Sarah Vaughan-Jones

Filmmaker & Editor

Malou Airaudo & Germaine Acogny – No Space for Age

What is it like to be a professional dancer in your 70s? Two icons of the dance world Malou Airaudo and Germaine Acogny share the stage in this fly on the wall documentary proving that dance has no age limit. Against the picturesque backdrop of Spoleto, Italy, the film captures Malou and Germaine performing their duet in the final destination on an extensive international tour, alongside a company of 38 African dancers.

French-born Malou was a professional ballet dancer when she met Pina Bausch in New York in 1973. Bausch invited her to join Tanztheater Wuppertal, in Germany where Malou became one of the key figures of the ensemble. Considered as the Mother of Contemporary African dance, Germaine, was born in Benin, but grew up in Senegal where she founded an international dance school in Senegal, (the ECOLE DES SABLES) where they teach her famous ‘Acogny’ technique.

This is a film that celebrates their incredible legacy and the power of dance to transcend generations and cultures. See the full collection at…


Germaine Acogny

Malou Airaudo

Clémentine Deluy

Anique Ayiboe

Serge Arthur Dodo

Vasco Pedro Mirine

Filmmaker / Director – Sarah Vaughan-Jones

Producer – Rosie Mackie

Additional footage by Dave Barros

The Rite of Spring footage – Florian Heinzen-Ziob & Enno Endlicher

Tour Producer – Aristea Charalampidou

Company Stage Manager – Marius Arnold-Clarke

Executive Producer – Bia Oliviera

Assistant Producers – Sheli Ali, Lorraine Camm

Malou’s Assistant / Interviewer – Joel Cottrell

Composer for common ground[s] – Fabrice Bouillon LaForest

Composer for The Rite of Spring – Igor Stravinsky

Lighting Technician – Jonny Downs

Translation – Verboo Audio

Description – Julia Grundy

Captions – Michael Peers

Additional Music – Artlist